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Appknock - First Choice for Augmented Reality App Development!

We are among top Augmented Reality app development companies in India. Our team of best Augmented Reality developer India always ensure to push the boundaries using the latest tools like Unity and Unreal to craft customer-centric AR-based mobile applications. Appknock works with a vision to transform traditional app development by enhancing the user-experience through highly appealing mobile apps.

Time to Lead in Your Industry With Best AR App Solutions

Best Augmented Reality App Development Company - Transforming Reality

Augmented reality is the technology of this new era. Having endless possibilities, our developers utilize this trend to build interactive mobile apps, which can offer exceptional user-experience. AR has the potential to revolutionize the traditional mobile app development process by bringing virtual objects into reality. Our AR app services are built with an aim to leave users with an enthralling experience. Whether you’re in the advertisement industry or retail business, we build highly customer-centric AR app solutions, which cater to the requirements of the users.

An Insight into Our Working Process


Everything begins with an idea. As soon as you approach us with your idea, we make sure to analyze the market to come up with strategies which can help you surpass your competitors. We also utilize our expertise in the most efficient way to explore other possibilities as well, which can improve your idea and result in a highly customer-centric mobile app. Our aim is to build a mobile app using the latest trends of AR to transform your app idea into a fully-functional mobile app.


Being the best Augmented Reality app development company, it is our job to identify challenges, which may occur in the future. So, our professional analysts perform in-depth market research to develop a road map for the journey ahead. Once we are familiar with all the challenges, our AR app developers gather around to come up with the most optimal strategies to tackle these challenges.

Plan and Strategy

Building an effective plan prior to starting with the development process helps us carry out an uninterrupted project execution. Based on the project challenges, we develop a plan to build each module of the app. This is the phase where we allocate specific tasks to our resources and make sure that the expertise of each of our resources is being utilized in the most efficient way.

Development Cycle

As soon as each of our developers is familiar with their tasks, we move towards the actual development process. We have a dedicated team of project managers who work closely with the developers to ensure everything is being carried out as planned. Having a team of best Augmented Reality app developer, we carry a completely transparent development process, giving our clients the ability to share their ideas anytime.


Once the mobile app is up and ready, it is time to launch it in the market. However, to ensure that your AR mobile app doesn’t have any flaws and bugs, our testing team runs it through different test scenarios. The app is only launched in the market once it has passed each barrier of the testing process so that your users can enjoy an interactive and uninterrupted experience.


Our maintenance team closely analyze the customer reviews and feedback to make the required customizations. Appknock works with a vision to build apps which offer addictive user-experience, and therefore we ensure to continuously upgrade your mobile app and keep user engagement at the best. Our maintenance team also stays in touch with the latest market trends and incorporate the best features to meet these trends.

Our AR App Development Services to Transform Your Business Growth

  • 01

    AR Mobile App Development

    Our AR app developers take traditional app development beyond reality by building the best Augmented Reality apps for Android as well as iOS.

  • 02

    AR Visualization Solutions

    We develop interactive AR app solutions which make the overall user-experience visually appealing.

  • 03

    AR Consultation

    Our AR consultants have in-depth knowledge of current market trends, thereby allowing you to build apps which stand out in the market.

  • 04

    AR Game Development

    We develop AR games which stimulate virtual elements along with reality to deliver an exceptional gaming experience to the end user.

  • 05

    AR Location Based Tracking

    Our AR-based location mobile apps utilize in-built app sensors including the compass and GPS to display accurate location information.

  • 06

    AR Integration to E-commerce

    AR Integration into e-commerce mobile apps can help your customers make better shopping decision by virtually analyzing the products.

  • 07

    Training and Development Modules

    We have the expertise in building AR app solutions which offer an extensive range of training modules to make learning virtually appealing.

  • 08

    AR Real Estate App

    Our Augmented Reality AR developers build apps which help property sellers to provide virtual tours of the properties and increase their overall sales.

  • 09

    AR Support and Maintenance

    We have a dedicated app maintenance team which ensures to consistently customize the app so that it always stays in the trend.

Our Top AR App Development Work

Educational AR App

Give students the ability to learn more efficiently using our educational AR mobile apps which enhance the learning experience using virtual stimulation.

Real Estate AR Apps

Our leading AR app solutions have been helping consumers buy the most suitable properties by taking virtual tours through visually appealing AR elements.

AR Advertisement Apps

Captivate your target audience by making your product advertisements visually appealing through AR app integration.

E-commerce AR Apps

We’ve been helping online retailers increase their overall business sales by developing AR apps which help customers make better shopping decisions.

Why Choose Appknock as Your AR App Development Partner?

Appknock is a leading Augmented Reality app development company in India offering extensive AR app solutions to the worldwide clientele. Having years of experience and a dedicated team of professional AR developers, our vision is to help you transform your business growth and attract your target audience through engaging AR apps.

We follow the industry standards and utilize the most optimal development solutions to build apps which actually meet user expectations. Appknock is a well-known brand in providing affordable Augmented Reality app services, which help you climb up the ladder and become a leader in your industry.

Technologies We Leverage to Build AR Apps

  • Advanced Level Programming.

  • 2D & 3D AR development Tools.

  • Cross-Platform AR App Support.

  • C# Programming.

  • Emulator to Precisely Test AR Apps.

Appknock - The Best AR App Development Company

  • A team of Skilled AR App Developers.

  • Customer-Centric AR Apps.

  • Time-Tested Development Approach.

  • Extensive Technical Expertise.

  • Robus AR App Solutions.

How AR App Development With Appknock Will Boost Your Business Growth?

Partnering with Appknock will help you captivate your audience through visually appealing AR-based mobile apps. Here’s why we can help you transform your business growth:

  • Access to Latest Tools to Build high-end graphics.

  • Transparent Development Process.

  • Unique Apps which Sets you Apart in the Crowd.

  • In-Depth Market Research to Build Apps Which Meet Market Standards.

Augmented Reality has the potential to take your business one step ahead and become a well-recognized brand, which captivates the audience through visually appealing mobile apps. Appknock can help you leverage the latest Augmented reality app trends and build apps which are extremely appealing.

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