5 Virtual Reality Business Ideas To Invest In 2019

The best thing about extended reality (XR) technology that they can apply in any sphere of any industry. There is no doubt in this, reality services have opened a wide platform of opportunities to attract customers and boost business sales. So here we are with new ideas on how Virtual Reality can be used at various places in businesses.

Please make it clear Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality all are completely different things. Virtual Reality is an immersive experience also refer as computer-simulated reality. In Virtual Reality technologies user use reality headsets to generate realistic sounds, images and other sensations that replicate a real environment or create an imaginary world. A true Virtual Reality environment will engage all five senses i.e. taste, sight, smell, touch, sound but it is not always possible.

Virtual Property Sales And Leasing

Virtual reality is already revolutionising the real estate’s industry. Virtual property presents, interactive visits, and virtual staging give publicity to a broad range of construction businesses, as most of the VR experiences make a deep impact on the customers. As a person who wants to start a real estate business, you can go for architectural visualisation, virtual instructions or virtual commerce. It helps to enable clients to view their properties in an enhanced visual format from every angle.

The virtual property derives as a good source of income especially for property owners and hosts as they wouldn’t have to go round and view a bunch of apartments before the client decides on the perfect fit.

Virtual Reality-based Education

Education is the basic root of a successful society, and people are constantly looking for ways to make knowledge transfer simple, fast, and effective. Meanwhile, most of the education plans are based on the same old style fact retention and a lot of people have difficulties comprehending information, virtual reality can change the situation for the better.

Occupy a novel niche by providing an extraordinary virtual reality training course, where students won’t be limited to word descriptions or book illustrations. Students will be able to explore the topic in depth and see how things are actually put together.

Learning happens when we do something, nevertheless, if you inspect modern education, you’ll see how little learning actually happens by practicing. VR enables the learners to inspire to discover for themselves and get hands-on experience rather than read a book.

There is an option, you can launch a virtual reality medical courses. Moreover, VR is getting more and more popularity among surgery and healthcare.

Virtual Music Sessions

Because we irreversibly opt for doing everything online, there’s now an app that allows you to attend a concert from the comfort of your own couch. Musicians and concertgoers find the potential for VR very exciting. By creating a VR concert solution you offer a new way to connect musicians with their fans and listeners.

­Virtual Reality Events

VR sets can be used while online conferences. Online conferences are favorite at the moment as they allow very fewer travel costs as well as instantly connect with potential clients.

Create a platform for virtual reality live events, and create a new stream to earn huge income.

Start a Virtual Reality Café

Another option to earn good amount of money is thru VR cafes. It is a very good idea to invest your capital. All you need VR glasses in your café and VR apps.

If you are not interested to splurge on huge branded names, you can simply get the Google cardboard glasses which are not only cheaper but will allow your customers enjoy a bit of functionality with their mobile phones and your VR app without having to much to pay from the pocket. You can offer various services such as playing VR games, organize training exercises, 3D book readings/visualizations, watching 3D movies and much more.


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