Appknock: One of the Leading Service Provider of Cognitive Technologies

Discover all the possible use cases of AI with Appknock, covering pan industry verticals. We are here to leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence for your enterprise, tapping into the vast capabilities of AI programming, sorting and structuring complex and unstructured data sets.

For a real and rapid Business Progression, automate and simplify manual tasks with our bespoke AI Consulting Services.

Our Core AI Consulting and Development Services

Our cognitive innovators experiment with the latest technologies every passing to craft the enterprise grade solutions for our esteemed clients. Appknocks AI consulting & Development solutions are rich in value and robust in performance.

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    #AI for Ecommerce

    We craft AI driven solutions which deliver proven expected results for your Ecommerce portals backed up by smart programming.

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    #Deep Learning

    Appknocks Deep Learning Solutions are tailored to custom business needs, empowering machines to learn and react as per the witnessed situations.

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    #Computer Vision

    Our proficient AI and ML engineers specialize in computer vision development and render innovative solutions to bring big and real business revolution.

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    #Predictive Analytics

    We build solutions based on Predictive Analysis of customer behavior and business results, applying effective and fruitful data structuring strategies.

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    #Natural Language Processing

    With Natural Language Processing, we empower your business, software and applications to better understand the human language in the form of codes and programs.

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    #BI Implementation

    We develop BI Systems capable of data management, risk management, performance optimization and data security to enhance your business’s decision making efficiency.

Our Expertise in AI Software Development

Appknock accommodates dexterous AI software professionals who master in their respective areas and are ever ready to overcome challenges in the AI Software Development process. Our consultants, developers and data scientists and analysts prowess in the following disciplines:

  • Behavior modelling
  • Anomaly Detection
  • Facial Recognition
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Computer and Robotic Vision
  • Bespoke Machine Learning Models
  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Classification and Segmentation

Benefits to reap Out of our AI Consulting Services

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    #Full Proof Quality

    Appknock is a leading company in rendering cognitive technology services, spreading its reach with enterprise grade AI software solutions embedded with quality and powered by advanced programming languages. We follow the footsteps of google and preach ‘Quality First’ principle.

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    #Enhanced Productivity & Performance

    Our rich AI services are sound in implementing business automation to streamline operations and workflows for acquiring high end performance. Our AI driven products and models are built to cope up with the changing business requirements and environment.

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    #Reduced Operational Costs

    With automation of the repetitive and manual tasks, you encounter reducing the challenges of operational overheads. We help you eliminate the unnecessary expenses with AI automation with a recommendation of technology, tools and architecture.

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    #100% Customer Contentment

    With advancements in technology, our sustainable business models powered by Artificial Intelligence are tailored to custom business needs, delivering cent percent satisfaction to the customers. Automation and optimal quality services in our products help us delight our esteemed clients.

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    #Scalability & Reliability

    We excel in providing a competitive edge to all types of businesses with our reliable bespoke AI consulting services. With the strength of automation and cutting edge technologies, we ensure scalable product solutions with extended reliability and quality.

An Insight into Our Working Process


Everything begins with an idea. As soon as you approach us with your idea, we make sure to analyze the market to come up with strategies which can help you surpass your competitors. We also utilize our expertise in the most efficient way to explore other possibilities as well, which can improve your idea and result in a highly customer-centric mobile app. Our aim is to build a mobile app using the latest trends of AR to transform your app idea into a fully-functional mobile app.


Being the best Augmented Reality app development company, it is our job to identify challenges, which may occur in the future. So, our professional analysts perform in-depth market research to develop a road map for the journey ahead. Once we are familiar with all the challenges, our AR app developers gather around to come up with the most optimal strategies to tackle these challenges.

Plan and Strategy

Building an effective plan prior to starting with the development process helps us carry out an uninterrupted project execution. Based on the project challenges, we develop a plan to build each module of the app. This is the phase where we allocate specific tasks to our resources and make sure that the expertise of each of our resources is being utilized in the most efficient way.

Development Cycle

As soon as each of our developers is familiar with their tasks, we move towards the actual development process. We have a dedicated team of project managers who work closely with the developers to ensure everything is being carried out as planned. Having a team of best Augmented Reality app developer, we carry a completely transparent development process, giving our clients the ability to share their ideas anytime.


Once the mobile app is up and ready, it is time to launch it in the market. However, to ensure that your AR mobile app doesn’t have any flaws and bugs, our testing team runs it through different test scenarios. The app is only launched in the market once it has passed each barrier of the testing process so that your users can enjoy an interactive and uninterrupted experience.


Our maintenance team closely analyze the customer reviews and feedback to make the required customizations. Appknock works with a vision to build apps which offer addictive user-experience, and therefore we ensure to continuously upgrade your mobile app and keep user engagement at the best. Our maintenance team also stays in touch with the latest market trends and incorporate the best features to meet these trends.

AI Technology Stack

  • Python
  • MySQL
  • PyTorch
  • Apache Spark
  • C++
  • TensorFlow
  • React

Business Applications of AI in the Real World

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    AI is there to make decisions for you. Recommended suggestions for movies, automatic captioning in videos, or playing against AI powered bots, Artificial Intelligence has given a new wave to the entertainment industry.

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    #Social Media

    The cutting edge technology has given its proof in the social media helping businesses to serve their clients and customers in the best way possible. Chatbots, live tracking tools, Facebook’s automatic tagging feature with face recognition and location detection feature in smart phones are some exceptional evidences of the power of AI.

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    The medical industry has been leveraging the power of AI and its subsets ( ML, DL, NLP) and have witnessed outstanding results in curing diseases, detecting major ailments like cancer, and have assisted healthcare professionals in minimizing the inspection and detection time of severe and fatal diseases.

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    Execution of transactions and their monitoring have been taken to the next level by AI-enabled tools, thus, personalizing the user experience via mobile banking. Artificial Intelligence has lended wisdom to machines to go mobile and act mobile, keeping authenticity intact.

  • 05


    Myriad of travel apps have been developed, calculating road traffic, time to reach destination, and many other embedded GPS features which give real time results to users. The technology has revolutionized the travelling sector with automation and its use cases.

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    AI-enabled tools have shown worthy results in delivering exact results after analyzing user data, patterns and behavior to know their intent. AI filtering in emails is a proven feature to target users specifically for the right promotions, accelerating marketing returns.

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