Benefits of Augmented Reality Services in Real Estate

Augmented reality is not new now .It is playing important role in every field and bringing revolution in the way of doing business now. Augmented reality has opened doors to many new opportunities for real estate agencies.  Many big giants of real estate agencies have already made use of this modern technology in several ways, from refreshing their print catalogues to interactive demonstrations at installation and on a mobile screen.

AR in real estate act as marketing tool which encourages clients into a conversation and purchases. AR apps usability offers benefits as to customers so to real estate agencies/agents:

  • Agencies/agents deal with clients that have a more clear vision on a possible deal.
  • Clients get more information and visual proposals.

Benefits of AR in real Estate

Better Visualisations

As, Augmented reality gives highly visualised view (comparatively to photos and videos) to the customers which results to lead generation and better conversion rate. AR presentation offers far better and easy evaluation of complex object/view. User get a personal feel, he feels like more involved in to the view. AR app features show apartments to clients adjusting the furniture, the style, , surroundings, etc.

New Marketing Tool

Sci-fi and entertaining objects has some attracting power to get customer more engaged. Same is AR , it facilitates agencies in following manner for marketing tools:

  • Geo-tags to help locate your items on sale in the real world, so customers can discover for themselves;
  • New advertising possibilities;
  • Print catalogues and big boards with AR to be more interactive;
  • Animated ‘Contact us’ and other call-to-action buttons;
  • Wide coverage with apps on Google Play and App Store.

Saves time and resources

AR apps saves lot of time of by exploring catalogue thru apps in their comfort. Realistically looking AR models allow clients to decide which real estate sites they do like and which they don’t. AR apps is going to change the game here and allow potential buyers to “experience a home” at another level and better filter out homes they do/don’t like, therefore saving real estate agents time.

Better and Wiser Decisions

Potential buyers will be able to get a much better feel for a home without going inside and looking. This will help buyers to narrow the pool to a smaller group of winners and making wiser decisions without going inside the home. Still many things which AR/VR apps cannot cover are the sense of natural light, smells, sloping or spongy floors, exterior sound,etc.

Digi-Capital predicts that “mobile AR could become the primary driver of a $108 billion VR/AR market by 2021” with Augmented Reality accounting for $83 billion and Virtual Reality accounting for $25 billion.

Appknock offering Real Estate Augmented reality apps  services in three versions-

Simple AR App

It s features includes basic environment with simple object modelling, texture, lighting, app store adaptation and google play adaptation.

Advanced AR App

Its features includes basic environment with high quality models, high quality textures, high quality lightening, having sharing options , app store adaptation and QR scanning.

Enterprise AR App

Its features includes high quality environment, detailed textures and lighting, object animations, realistic textures and objects, interactions and sharing, Database integration, App Store adaptation, Google Play adaptation, custom landing page and QR code for products.

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