Challenges in Augmented reality Development

The augmented reality (AR) experience are the buzzwords of market nowadays. This popularity of Augmented Reality/Virtual Reality is due to the personal feel and experience that it gives to tits users. As per surveys it is predicted that,ct that by 2022, the AR market will be worth more than $15 billion. Technology companies are mixing their main products with AR elements and presenting them to customer shelve to boost their sales.

We all have no doubt to say that Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality are the trendiest thing right now but we can’t deny that there are many challenges during the Augmented Reality app development phase. Let’s discuss it in detail-


A mobile app developer has to think upon the various aspects of a smart phone before coming up with a working AR application. The accelerometer and compass in most devices are easily influenced by electronic interference. Therefore, before the developer incorporates AR into that device, he has to find a way that will results smooth readings. To get accurate procession reading is a big challenge, currently.


AR app development lag due to mobile phone compatibility. A phone majorly can take 2D photographs while AR app development required 3D pics for smooth development. AR apps required high RAM also . A good efficient device is a major requirement.

Fortunately, work is being done in the AR field. Major example is Compact AR glasses prototypes , they are streamline and minimalistic which reflects that their creators have been thinking about the accessibility of the technology.


AR apps are limited in terms of content , Developers are struggling to understand and keeping pace with the ever changing needs of user and to generate more engaging content.

Augmented Reality in Content

As AR becomes more accessible with every passing day and with time the need for multi-user, uniform, and streamlined experiences will grow. Developers will have to come up with ways to enable multi-user experiences that are optimized enough to perform, regardless of the number of participants and the load.

Public Awareness

People are not much aware about AR apps and about their usage in daily lives. They don’t know how the AR apps can help them immensely and make their daily chores smoother. Due to this lack of public awareness that makes the implementation of AR technologies quite difficult. At least 10 % people should know the usage of the product which is going to be launched otherwise you cannot boost up the sale and meet the target.


AR based mobile applications require your GPS to be on so that they can work. Such permissions bring challenges associated with privacy needs. Is it justifiable for the app to demand so much from your phone? Many new cyber laws has been introduced regarding the privacy policy of the user data. Firms have to make t clear before “how they are going to use the user’s data”. Another issue has to do with the ownership of the virtual world. It is not clear who owns a virtual world designed by the user.

Software Compatibility

Interchangeability issue is another challenge when it comes to working with AR mobile applications. Developer has to create new kit for AR application. These kits have to be compatible with the phone model so that they can function properly. AR app required AR browsers to function properly, And many of such browsers are not function well. Like some of them are not easily connected to various social media channels which limits the application usage.


AR is app is for every field. AR apps AR apps can be adapted and bring revolution is healthcare, retail, ,marketing, manufacturing, military education, engineering. However, public adaptability of AR apps is a challenge right now but market giants are investing million dollar towards the development of  AR apps . So this is only a matter of time this phase will soon become the thing of past.

Challenges are always their in the starting phase of every innovation but there is no doubt in this that AR , VR apps are one of the promising technologies.

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