How Augmented Reality can Add value to Your CPG brand

Bunch of consumers who are using augmented reality tools while shopping via mobile is finding them really helpful. As per a survey by Catapult Marketing in November 2013 over 9% US internet users, used mobile augmented reality tools when shopping for consumer packaged goods (CPG) and the majority of respondents (53%) response was positive and found AR tools in CPG very helpful.

Leveraging augmented reality enables brands to deliver interactive and memorable experiences and drive customer engagement. Let’s see and explore how Augmented Reality can add value to your CPG brand.

  • Strengthen brand loyalty by showing unique features of your products to increase brand transparency like showing the organic ingredients used, healthy diet advice, eco-friendliness, charities, etc. thru AR app.
  • Better customer engagement by integrating your customers with interactive games, quizzes or lotteries;
  • Incentivize purchase by playing hot promotions and implement the coupons to attract consumers and convince them to purchase the item.
  • Viral Marketing by adding viral video content to attract your customer and to promote mouth marketing, it leads to increase product fan base in the real and virtual world.
  • Remarketing Platform: Using AR as an additional source for cross sales. Scanning a specific product help the customers to see top selling product variants. As a result, it contributes to incremental sales of related goods.
  • Attract more customers to your online or small stores by increasing awareness and improving brand perception through scanning of your packaged products.

Ways to use Augmented Reality in the CPG industry

Augmented reality has provided a whole new unlimited shelf space to the product potential. It just revolutionises the way businesses get to connect with customers. CPG companies are implemented and get benefits by integrating AR to offer hyper-personalised customer experiences to the customer.

AR for CPG productsAugmented Reality Catalogue

Using AR based digital catalogue empowers the consumers to scan the products in the catalogue and reveal additional information about the product.  The 3D-visual image of the product within the user’s environment with AR acts as a way to gauge the correct scale of the furniture, food, jewellery, appliance, and can be implemented almost in every industry.

Product Visualisation

Product Visualisation is virtually trying and purchasing is all through the augmented reality enabled mobile app which usefully demonstrates the details of a product. With the help of AR app, the consumer no needs to take get confused about products before buying them. The customers can start and complete their purchase within the AR app. Hence AR apps help the consumer to select the product from a wide range of virtual list.

Augmented Reality Food Packaging

AR in packing is changing completely the consumer’s interaction with products. This allows CPG manufacturers to stay in the race by updating product information or promotional offers just in one click. Every small and big CPG company is integrating AR experiences into their packaging process. It represents the compelling impression in the minds of consumers that act as a multi-dimensional communication platform of the industries.

AR Brand Entertainment

We all are very well aware that the future of AR is unlimited. AR technology adds a new sense of entertainment by engaging the customer with an immersive experience. Therefore, when a customer uses the AR app, it initiates different virtual games and plays on the customer’s smartphone. This will also boost true Omni-channel shopping in the CPG industry. AR Apps with such integrated feature will make customers feel that they are in an actual retail store.


Augmented Reality is building the gap between the digital world and the real world. AR is helping brands to capture and analyse data from every customer point of view and allowing businesses to understand which interactions are increasing engagement. Just think, customer, need to read the minute details over the package goods there is a lot more interested, valuable and knowledgeable data along with the product details which helps the customer to select the right products


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