How To Create A Brilliant Game Icon to Increase Game Downloads?

Which is the thing you find attractive when clicking on any game to see it and then download it? Of course, the icon. In the application stores like Play Store, App Store, etc, if you want to make your game popular and increase its downloads, it is necessary to have an attractive logo.

A logo is the first thing by which used to judge the effectiveness of a game or any other application. So, along with the overall development of your game, it is necessary to pay your close attention to its icon too.

A game will not work well on any application store or the overall internet if it did not have a good logo. A logo must be able to highlight the effectiveness of your game. The best way to ensure your game has the highest quality logo is to hire the top mobile game development company. So, if you are also looking to make your game logo highly attractive, then this article is for you. Below, we are going to discuss some important points by which you can also design a brilliant logo for your game.

Understand your Audience

You might have developed a game for kids or adults. Or is this a game for the people of all age groups? Whatever is the type of your game, you must have to know your audience first of all.

You have to analyze their interests and other crucial information by using demographics. If the game is for the kids of very little age, the icon must be self-explanatory. Also, it must be attractive and catchy in its ways. This will make the kids click on them and see what is in the game. It is a mind or strategy game, keep is as simple as possible. It must effectively highlight the purpose of the game.

We can take an example of a popular game known as Subway Surfer. They have added a photo of a game character named ‘Jake’. The logo itself shows that the game is geared for it. The theme of the game might be anything but its logo gives a hint for the players about what is going to be there in the game. So, you must also know yours understand before doing anything related to your logo designing.

Know what you want to convey

We will take another example of a popular android game ‘PUBG’. If you look at their logo, there is a guy standing with a face covered helmet and a gun on his back. The icon clearly shows that the game is based upon shooting, arcade or any other aggressive gameplay.

The game is worldwide popular now on different operating systems and platforms. But, we can see that they have used their logo to convey a message. So, if you also want to create the most impressive and brilliant logo for your game, identify the main message you want to convey using it.

The users will get a basic idea of what game is all about if you are having a related logo for your game. So, pick the most attractive and unique feature of your game and showcase it using your game’s logo. It will surely help you to increase the download count of your game.

Keep it simple

Most of us think that creating a logo with lots of graphics and details is a good way to make it much more attractive. But, according to the studies, simple logos work well on the internet.

You can see most of the popular games having simple logos. These days, you can see lots of examples of simple logos working great for the games. Hill Climb Racing, Dr. Driving, and 8 ball pool are some of the main examples of popular android games with simple logos.

We can make a little bit of complex and graphical logos for the PC and console games. For PC games, Skyrim and Minecraft are the best examples of simple logos. So, do not try to make a logo attractive by giving it lots of graphical approaches. Instead, make it attractive by using its main theme virtualized on the logo.

Know the latest trends

As per the current industry and designing trends, you have to make your logo in compliance with them. There are lots of advanced designing strategies and tools available in the industry which you can use to create an innovative logo for your game.

Also, do not forget to customize your logo according to the latest trends running in this field. The designing guidelines keep transforming with time. So, make sure to use them effectively to come up with the most effective logo for your game. By keeping the theme of your game in the mind, try to highlight it in your logo in an effective and professional way.

Keep in mind the operating systems

The design and style of your logo may vary according to the platform for which you are developing the game. For the iOS games, Appstore does not allow a transparent background. Also, it is strict with the shape and structures of the icons. So, you may have to give some more efforts for iOS.

But, in the case of the Play store, you are free to use logos with transparent backgrounds. Along with this, the play store is not so strict with its logo guidelines. So, according to the freedoms given by your application stores, you can customize your logos to look more attractive. If you have developed the same game for different operating systems, try to keep your logo as similar as possible. Little tweaks are acceptable but your logo becomes a brand once it gets viral. So, keep things identical to each other.

Find professional support

In this advanced world, there is huge competition in every field. If you want to promote your game in a specific genre, there are lots of popular games available everywhere already. So, finding a professional graphics designing firm can help you with this. A professional company will be able to guide through all the processes of designing and can help you in the designing process too. So, it is not bad to get things done by a professional game development company in India.

Just give them your ideas and storyline of the game. It is assumed that they will give you the best support if you are with a good firm. Lots of reputed companies are there all over the world that are active in the field of graphics designing. You can use the internet to find out your desired one and get good services for your work. They will definitely help you to increase the game downloads with an attractive game logo.

Final Verdict

Do not rush while doing these crucial works. You might have spent lots of money and effort while developing the game. A logo is a major thing that impacts the performance of your game on the internet. Giving it good effort and a good amount of time is crucial. So, gather good ideas, implement and test them to get the best results. We hope the above-given steps will help you. So, follow them adequately and we are sure that you will create a highly impressive and attractive logo for your game.

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