Mobile App Development – Mistakes That Startups Should Avoid

­Today smartphones have changed our lives drastically. They have become a part of our daily lives and the apps which it contains have captured our interests. People all over the world are spending most of their time on their smartphones rather than on the web.

Whether it’s accessing social media or shopping online, mobile phones have become the true companion of the consumers. This is one of the main reasons behind the recent trend of mobile app development for businesses. Developing a mobile app for your business is one of the greatest ways for generating revenue and attracting customers.

One of the best options to grow your startups is to invest in mobile app development and technologies such as AR/VR by hiring a dedicated Virtual Reality or Augmented Reality application development company India. Considering the potential of these technologies, integrating them in your app will help you grow your business in many ways, starting from attracting the customers to spread brand awareness.

Moreover, a mobile app also benefits in managing and smoothly running your business.. If you are a startup or small business owner, it is always better to go for a mobile application for the business and in creating a useful one.

Before planning to make a mobile app for your business, you should always try to keep in mind the basic rule whether the app you are making will grab the attention of the desired audience, will it have millions of users.

The fewer mistakes you make while developing the app, the more benefits you will have in the future. However, ignoring the important factors can ruin your entire planning for a successful business app. The mobile app is the basic thing one should plan for before starting a business if you want it to run on a longer scale.

As we know today many mobile apps have become successful. A perfect example would be Uber. The company is getting popular day by day and the services it is providing to their customers are beyond amazing.

The app is giving the customers an opportunity to book a cab for themselves and by this, they get a quote for their services and helps them to see how far their cab driver is just by looking at their success stories. Isn’t it amazing?

Startups can borrow many lessons from Uber as how to avoid mobile app development problems and how to launch a successful product in the markets.

Some of the basic errors you need to avoid while making a mobile app:

Fail in understanding the calculated audience:

It is always important for companies to understand their intended audience. The majority of companies fail in the mobile app development undertaking because they do not consider the endeavor end audience of these apps. One should always keep the customers in mind before making any product or software that will be used by the customers later on. Some companies fail in the ROI just because they do not take the time to understand their intended audience.

Never take social media and social sharing for granted:

The worst mistake that the majority of businesses make is that they do not pay much attention to taking advantage of the market space that has been shared by the social media sharing platforms.

The mobile app development phase cannot be termed complete without promoting the app to masses. There are many social media platforms that will help you in promoting your app and the top social media that can help you is Facebook. The platform can be used to launch a targeted marketing campaign, which has the sole aim of popularizing your app.

Poor communication: 

Having a poor communication with the development team,  can lead to an increase in overheads and delays in launching of the app. It is one of the best ways to ask your app development company to always update you regarding your app development and on the other hand, you should always ask if they are using any project management tool in managing your project.

Not Marketing an app:

Before launching your app in the market always do its marketing first. Yes, it is quite beneficial for your app. By doing the marketing for your app you capture the attention of the customers way before which is good.

It is important for you to create a buzz about your app in your business circle and definitely on social media. On the other hand, if you want more and more attention of the people towards your app it will be great if you contact with the bloggers for writing blogs for your app. This way you can get large exposure surely.

Print the features from another app:

You should never try to copy the features from the other app as it will not give you any particular benefits. Many business owners wish to simply copy the features of the other apps. However, taking inspiration from the other app simply copying the features won’t be advisable.

Not testing the app completely:

Before launching your app in the market, always make sure to test it a couple of times. There’s no point in launching the app in the market if it has a lot of errors. It will be best for you to check the cost in the development contract or before the starting of the development you have to make sure that the development cost includes through the testing of an app.

App analytics tools should be used such as Google’s universal analytics to see how the app is performing in the app.

Having too many features:

It is always suggested to launch an app with minimum features. There is no rush for the startups to launch an app in the market with a lot of many features that will confuse the audience. Make your app a simple one, easy to operate. You can develop Minimum Viable Product ( MVP) before planning to develop the full-fledged app.

Bad UI/UX Design:

The mobile app should be easy to operate. The users must not face any problems in serving the mobile app as it will reduce their interest in the app and they will not further operate it which will be a great drawback. The app should be quick to open and it should be self- describing so that it is easier to use. Users get frustrated very easily and will not use the apps that will take a long time in opening and have difficult features. Always try making apps that are easy to run and easy to serve.

Regularly changing the developers:

Never try to bring new developers on board by this the app code will become more complex and your app release will be delayed which should not be done at any cost. It is better to spend a little extra time on screening mobile app development companies at first to select the best one.

Many things should be kept in mind while developing a mobile app. The mobile apps are for the customers they will be using it after all. We should focus much on making the mobile app the easy one to operate that even the dumbest operator can operate the app easily. The mobile app should have fewer features in the beginning and later on, you can add more features in your other apps.

The startup business should always try to maintain their reputation in the market by making the app a strong one. We should provide the customers with more and easier ways to operate our app as they will further continue in operating our apps in the long run.

Without keeping the customers in mind, we cannot think our business to run on long terms. Customers should be the center of our attention before launching any app. Because at last, they are the ones who will buy our services.

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