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Top Virtual Reality App Development Company in India

We are a leading VR app development company offering extensive VR app solutions to our worldwide clientele. VR is most likely to dominate the mobile app development industry in the coming years.

The technology precisely manages to bridge the gap between reality and the virtual world, giving users the ability to explore beyond horizons.

Through VR-based mobile apps, you can enhance the overall user-experience and transform the traditional apps into more appealing and feature-rich versions. At Appknock, our aim is to provide the best virtual reality app development services to help you craft mobile apps which engage your target audience.

Our team of best VR app developers ensures to follow the latest market trends to build customized Virtual Reality app solutions, which cater to the requirements of your users.

We carry out an in-depth analysis of your business requirements and closely examine your competitors to develop the most suitable app development strategies.

Whether you want a simple VR- based mobile app or a high-end VR gaming app, we have the required expertise to transform your idea into a fully-functional mobile app.

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Transforming World With Best Virtual Reality App Services

Virtual Reality is an emerging technology with endless possibility. However, technology demands expertise and in-depth knowledge of the latest tools to build customized VR-based mobile apps. Having served clients across the globe and being a top virtual reality app development company in India, we know how to implement the latest virtual reality trends to build VR-based mobile apps which offer exceptional user-experience.

A Quick Insight into Our Working Process


As soon as you approach us with your mobile app idea, we run a quick analysis to validate your idea as per the current market scenarios. We utilize our experience and share our insight as well to come up with the most effective tactics to improve your idea and make it highly customer-centric. Since the main objective of owning a mobile app is to engage users, we ensure that your app idea has the potential to attract your target audience and offer them an engaging experience.


While coming up with the app idea itself is easy, it is important to perform in-depth market research to identify hurdles and challenges we may experience during the actual development. We prefer to plan the roadmap for the journey prior to starting with the actual development process. Therefore, our dedicated team of analysts gathers around to enlist all the potential challenges and develop the most suitable strategies accordingly.

Plan and Strategy

Once we are familiar with the development approach, we start out with the task allocation process. We ensure to utilize our resources in the most efficient way and therefore allocate tasks which best suits the capabilities of a particular developer. We also ensure that the entire development process is being carried out as planned and nothing is being skipped or overlooked.

Development Cycle

After the task allocation, the resources start out to work on the assigned tasks. However, to ensure that everything is going as planned, our dedicated project managers keep an eye on the entire development process. We believe in executing a transparent work environment, and therefore our clients are more than welcomed to share their valuable thoughts at any point in time during the development phase.


Now, that your Virtual Reality app is up and ready, it is time for the final launch. However, we do not launch the app until our testing team has approved the app and given it a thumbs up. An app with bugs is nothing but a threat to the user experience. So, being a top virtual reality app development company in India, we ensure to run your app through different test scenarios and only move towards launching once it has passed through every scenario.


A VR-based mobile app is more likely to receive several iterations even after the final launch. So, our maintenance team ensures to closely examine the customer-feedback and customize the app to enhance its functionality. We also ensure to keep your mobile app one step ahead of your competitors. As soon as a new trend hits the market, we make the required iterations to the app so that it always stays in the top charts and offer exceptional user-experience.

Top Virtual Reality App Development Company

If you’re looking for a top virtual reality app development company in India, we’ve got you covered. We are familiar with the immense potential virtual reality holds and ensure to blend in the best features which are compatible across different VR-based devices including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Samsung Gear VR, etc. Whether you’re a startup or a well-established enterprise, we’ve got the required expertise to build VR mobile apps which have unique features and have the potential to make your business a stand out in the market. Choosing Appknock as your Virtual Reality partner will help you offer an engaging user-experience to your customers while ensuring that your business always stays ahead of the curve. Virtual Reality is likely to become a trend in the coming years, and this is the right time to utilize this technology by availing the best virtual reality app services.

Why Should You Partner With Appknock for Virtual Reality App Development?

Virtual Reality is a name that’s been in the market for a while. However, it only became popular in the last few years. Our best VR app developers know how to build customized VR app solutions, which cater to the requirements of your target audience. Here are some of the benefits of partnering with Appknock for VR app developmen

  • Extensive VR Expertise

    Our VR development team specializes in building highly customized and distinct VR app development solutions for clients from different business industries, which always meet user expectations.

  • Transparent Development Approach

    Transparency is the key to nurture a healthy relationship with customers. So, we ensure to follow a transparent development approach and involve clients at every step of the development phase.

  • Custom VR Solutions

    Every business has its own target audience, with a different set of preferences. Before starting with the actual development process, we ensure to analyze your market potential and build customized solutions, which best suits your customer’s expectations.

  • Engaging VR Solutions

    Virtual Reality has the potential to enhance the overall user experience. We work with the latest VR tools to build highly engaging virtual reality mobile applications which sets your business apart in the crowd and helps you captivate your audience.

Our Top Virtual Reality App Development Work

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies with endless possibilities. In the past, we have helped clients from different business industries to attract their target audience through feature-rich and engaging virtual reality mobile apps.

Virtual House: 360 Degree House Viewing

A 360-degree interactive house viewing real estate virtual reality app developed for Android, iPhone, iPad. It improves the house renting and buying experience for customers. With the VR headset, it feels like you are actually walking around your likely future home.

Tideway: Thames Tideway Tunnel Project

Augmented Reality App developed for the teachers, students and the wider community who wants to learn about the Thames Tideway Tunnel project. This AR app helps you understand what's happening beneath London as the tunnel is being built.

Microsoft: Art of Works

A 360-degree virtual reality application developed to demonstrate how business across the UK are benefiting from the collaboration of world-class technologies like SAP and Microsoft Azure. An entirely immersive and intelligent cloud experience empowering the digital transformation of business customers.

Our Top Virtual Reality App Development Work

Virtual Reality is one of the technologies with endless possibilities. In the past, we have helped clients from different business industries to attract their target audience through feature-rich and engaging virtual reality mobile apps.

Healthcare VR Apps

Virtual Reality can assist surgeons and doctors to perform effective surgeries with neat precision.

Educational VR Apps

Teaching can become more fun and effective with visually appealing objects. Allow students to learn more effectively using a VR app, which simulates real-world scenarios.

Real Estate VR App

Real Estate VR apps can help buyers make the right decisions by simulating the actual property designs prior to starting with the actual construction.

Mobile app development

Reach your worldwide audience with a feature-rich mobile application. We utilize the latest APIs and market standards to develop market-centric mobile applications with a plethora of user-engaging features.

Travel and Tourism App

Our virtual reality tourism apps help customers take a virtual tour of the hotel to book the perfect place for their vacations.

Exhibition VR App

Stand out among others in a trade show using an exhibition VR app which supports the best VR gear like Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR.

E-Commerce VR App

Help your customers make smart shopping decisions by making them experience your products through virtual simulations.

Entertainment VR App

Stream videos and movies on your mobile app and enhance the overall user-experience using a VR headset.

Appknock - Distinct Virtual Reality App Development Solutions

VR Specialists

We have a team of experienced virtual reality app developers who are familiar with the latest VR technologies such as unityScript and JavaScript. Our developers know how to utilize 3D tools such as Unity and Unreal to craft visually appealing 3D elements which enhances the overall user experience of your virtual reality mobile app.

VR Tracking

Our developers know how to use different tracking tools to build virtual reality applications which precisely track the head movements to support gesture control. We test your app through different live scenarios to ensure it supports necessary head movements and hand gestures.

Virtual Training and Simulation

Our virtual reality applications for training create a safe environment for rookies to get trained, without compromising with their safety, in a virtual world. We offer training VR apps for different industries including defense, medical, and aerospace.

360-Degree Product Views

Our virtual reality app developers are capable of developing VR apps which support 360-degree product view features. Such apps allow customers to virtually view products from all possible angles, helping them make better shopping decisions.

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