What are the different stages of Game Development?

Developing a game is a work full of stress and several responsibilities. Developing a game is totally different from other types of development including game and web.  While creating a game, you have to take care of lots of things. Starting from the planning, designing, development, and marketing, there are lots of other things included in the overall process of game development.

Whether you are an individual or a company, the success of your game will depend upon the work you are doing to make it innovative. No doubt, you can always hire a game development company India to handle the entire development process as well. However, if you are going to do it on your own, continue reading.

In this article, we are going to discuss the different stages of game development. We are going to know how a game is a development. You should also consider all these things while you are developing or planning to develop a game. So, let’s start with the first stage of game development.

Planning the game

Most of the things are determined at the stage where we plan the structure and concept of a game. The surface of a game is its basic idea that how will it work. It is the very first stage of creating a game in which the designers, developers, and the owner should indulge properly. In this step, some questions which are answered by the planning teams are as follows.

  • Is the game 2D or 3D?
  • On which platforms will this game work?
  • What are the main features of the game?
  • What is the basic concept of the game?
  • What is the type of targeted audience?

There are lots of other basic things which are considered while we plan a video game. Most of the people will say that development is the hardest part of creating a game. But, most of the things are defined in this initial stage of development.

Pre-Production of the game

It is an initial stage of production of the game. Some firms do not go for this stage as directly start their main production and development works. But, it is an important stage to consider if you want to develop a successful game. In this stage, we plan all the development works and ensure the smooth function of the gameplay. The developers meet with the clients and know exactly what they want in the game. It is the stage where we double-check the planning and prepare the best resources to do the crucial development works.

Production of the game

The crucial development works are done in the production stage. In this stage, lots of works that are responsible for creating a game are done. Some of the things which are done in this stage are as follows.

  • Designing character models, rendering
  • Audio designing works and implementation to ensure the proper working of the game
  • Environment designing
  • Writing the codes line by line and check for the errors
  • Keep track of the development work and ensure smooth and constant game creation.


The testing stage ensures the overall effectiveness of a game. We identify all the good and bad things inside a game in this stage. It is necessary to confirm whether the game is working properly or not. The game should perform as per the needs of the publishers. So, the development teams do the necessary testing works to ensure the proper delivery of the game. Some crucial things which are tested in this stage are as follows.

  • Any major bug or buggy areas on the game
  • Are all features working properly or not
  • Does my character is performing as it is supposed to do?
  • Are the characters looking good inside the gameplay?
  • Is there any performance issue in the game?

These all things are justified in this stage. Also, all these problems are solved which can cause the problem after publishing the game. The developers perform various internal and external tests with the game to ensure its smooth working. Most of the development companies have their separate testing teams which are professional in these type of works. This stage should not be taken lightly while developing any type of game.


It is like a final stage of testing with some additional works which may enhance the performance of the game. Along with this, various marketing works are also done in this stage. It is crucial for the publishers to let people know about the game. They often arrange different pre-launch events too. The publishers do various things to attract the users towards the game in this stage. With the help of various marketing strategies, they try to make the game popular in this field so that the maximum number of copies could be sold. If a company is having a little budget, they may not focus on this stage a lot but it can have lots of effects on the performance of the game.


The launch date is fixed by the publishers as per the testing and pre-launch works. If everything goes well, the companies are ready to publish their games after their pre-launch and marketing events. Along with the bug squashing, the development teams will do various works to polish the game as much as possible. It is necessary to make the game fully prepared for the users.


It is the time when the users start getting their games and the publishers get their feedback about the game. Lots of bugs and other problems may appear in this stage too. So, the development teams also stay ready to solve each of the problems even after the deployment of the game.


These are the basic but most important stages of game development. Different development companies may use various additional stages but these we the crucial and most important stages if you want to develop a successful game. You should focus on planning and game concepts. 

Also, the development should be done by professional and qualified developers. Make sure to find a good development company if you want to get the most out of it. Do not forget to understand the market and the industry needs before doing anything related to your

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