10 Best Strategy Games for Gaming Enthusiasts

Strategy games have always been admired by the young gaming enthusiasts, so much so that players are always ready to try their hands on new strategy games. When it comes to playing games, mobile has definitely surpassed every other platform, including desktop as well as a gaming console.

Reason being, playing games on a mobile phone is far more convenient and engaging. Furthermore, players can enjoy intense gaming sessions anytime/anywhere they want, which might not be possible on either PCs or gaming consoles.

However, all these platforms are still captivating the players through different means. In saying that, we’re going to share a list of 10 best strategy games (for Windows, Gaming Console, & Mobile) which you can play right now to have the best gaming sessions. In case, you’re a gaming enthusiast, continue reading, the following list will familiarize you with some of the best strategy games. So, without any further ado, let’s start the list.

1. Company of Heroes 2

Company of Heroes 2 is an addictive game, having the main plot set in the historical events of World War II. If you’re looking for a fighting and shooting game, the company of heroes 2 seems the right choice for you. The game asks the player to take part in historical battles while using military class weapons.

Furthermore, realistic environment is an another perk of playing company of heroes 2 as the graphics seem extremely realistic, thereby making the entire gameplay more appealing. In case you’re have already played the previous edition of the game, Company of Heroes 1, you’re most likely to love the game for its better graphics and a completely new plot.

Platforms-As of now, the game is only available for Windows, MacOS, and Linux.

2. Battletech

Battletech is yet another impressive and certainly one of the best strategy games for PC. A turn-based game, which allows the players to take part in battles while controlling a group of soldiers of fortune to fight the enemy. It is crucial for you to upgrade your suits and skill-set from time to time so that you always defeat the enemy with ease.

To do so, you can attack enemy camps and collect new armor, weapons, and medkits. The game is highly unpredictable, which means that things may not go according to the plan. However, that’s when actual fun begins as you’ll have to make some of the critical decisions in between the battles. Basically, if you’re looking for a strategy game which requires some brain scratching, Battletech is the best pick for you.

Platforms-Windows, Linux, MacOS.

3. Total War: Rome II

Going back to the ancient Romanian times, Total War: Rome II is the perfect strategy game, especially for players who enjoy getting into political matters to build strategies. Rome II has two different fractions and you can pick any of them. While the first faction asks the player to manage state and design strategic maps, the second one requires the player to directly enter the battlefield.

Whichever faction you choose, it is crucial to strategize precisely as one wrong move can affect the entire battle scenario. Speaking of the battle, it can take years for a battle to end, which further makes things more interesting.

Platforms-Windows and MacOS

4. Crusader Kings II

Crusader Kings II is a battle strategy games set in ancient Medieval Europe times. Even though the game offers a generic plot, one can find himself playing for hours due to the high engagement factor. As a player, you can build your own empire and military to battle and conquer other lands.

This way you can expand your empire and take part in political events to build relationships with other empires. Furthermore, once you have successfully managed to expand your empire, you can take part in secret deals to make agreements with other players.


5. Northgard

Northgard is one of the Viking-themed strategy game for PC which requires the players to make several critical decisions. For instance, if you do not prepare for the Winter carefully, you may end up freezing to death. In saying that, the weather is an integral part of the entire game as the majority of your decisions will depend on the weather itself.

Once you have managed to stay warm throughout the winter, you’ll have to enter the real fight in Skirmish, which certainly is the best part of the entire game. You can also gear up during the Winter to collect the best weapons for the final fight.


6. Civilization V

The civilization is one of the best strategy games which has extensive gameplay for players who enjoy designing civilizations and taking part in military battles. As a player, you can build an entire civilization from scratch and wait until someone attacks your empire as this is when things start to get really interesting. While in battles, you can set up military basecamps in different locations to destroy the enemies even before they enter your empire.

The game is the fifth edition of the Civilization series, one of the best strategy games since 1991. However, despite having five different editions, it seems like the developers have managed to offer different gameplay through every edition,

Platforms:Windows, Mac, iPad, Nintendo

7. Into the Breach

Into the Breach is a strategy game which requires the players to set up an eight-by-eight grid consisting of block towers and buildings. Basically, you are supposed to save your grid and destroy the opponent’s grid. To do so, you can construct different buildings and towers.

It is worth noting that each building serves a different purpose. For instance, the civilian building is related to power, i.e., it provides power to the entire grid. It means that if any of your civilian buildings take a hit, you’re most likely to destroy within minutes.


8. Cossacks 3

Cossack 3 is yet another historical battle-based strategy game for PC. However, the game has an entirely different plot and storyline. You can choose from any of the 12 states to start the game. However, make sure to go through the pros and cons of each state as this will impact the future gameplay.

The major goal of the player is to save his settlement from enemy attacks by allocating tasks to the citizens. Sea battles are an interesting feature of the game, which might captivate many players as very few strategy games allow the player to take part in sea battles.

Platforms:Windows, Linux, and MacOS

9. Totalwar Warhammer 2

The second edition of Warhammer series, this game has seen some of the major improvements as compared to the previous version. Everything, including the interface, characters, rogue armies, has either been changed or improved. It means that if you’re coming from the Totalwar Warhammer 1, you’re most likely to enjoy this game.

However, for rookie players, the game is full of surprises. After choosing a faction from four given options, i.e., Skaven, High Elves, Dark Elves, and Lizardmen, you’re most certainly going to dive into hours of addictive gaming sessions.

Platforms:PC (Windows and MacOS)

10. Starcraft II

It seems completely unfair to not include a multiplayer game on our list. That’s why we have kept the most appealing multiplayer strategy game for the last. Starcraft II is one of the best strategy games which also offer multiplayer options. This allows you to handle multiple settlements at the same time. Furthermore, additional features like three different races to choose from and a user-friendly interface are some of the additional perks of Starcraft II.

Platforms:Windows, Mac, Mobile.

Final Words

Strategy is one of the best gaming genres appreciated by players across the globe. Of course, these are only a couple of strategy games, which we have cherry-picked for the players. However, you can also find several other strategy games which can offer engaging content in a graphically enriched interface.

In case, you have a gaming idea for a strategy game in mind, contact our professional mobile game developers and let them build feature-rich, appealing, and highly addictive strategy games for the customers.

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