Future of Content Management System- Augmented CMS

The Augmented Reality content management system (CMS) is used to bulk upload the raw 3D content that will serve as the basis for AR experiences. Users can manage their AR content within this platform, as well as edit it using the product’s drag-and-drop features. This editing features facilitate the users to make changes to their content, such as adding colour and various textures to their 3D products.


The Augmented Reality CMS may also have the potential to work as an AR SDK for a more customisation AR experience. This content is commonly used to create various AR apps for mobile devices, like games and shopping apps. These solutions also offer reporting and analytics, so businesses may better understand the behavior of the user using their content. An AR CMS should not be mix with a VR CMS, which is a platform that allows users to upload, manage, and publish virtual reality content.

An Augmented  CMS must have features

1)        Allow 3D content to be uploaded onto the system

2)        Offer drag-and-drop editing capabilities

3)        Manage all created content within the platform

4)        Publish AR experiences from the solution

Effect of AR in the Content Management System in various industries

Augmented Reality in a content management system is providing enhancements in connectivity of businesses and user’s experience. Currently, users prefer content on a smartphone or tablet closer to point of need to access product information.


Therefore, this leads to an engrossing trend in the form of the innovations that bring new opportunities in various verticals of the market.


Businesses are taking advantage of AR where they have pressure to introduce the products more quickly while holding a grip on the user as well. As smart wearables get more budget friendly, the use of AR is growing fast. It is acting as a tool to enhance product information and performance.


Big brands in the market are using VR head-mounted displays and HoloLens smart glasses to view the AR content in a totally immersive way. It is a novel way to augment physical mock-ups of product prototypes with virtual views.


AR technology also allows the amalgamation of the multiple features in the same platform more effectively. Hence, AR on assembling products feature and content reduced errors by equipping technicians with AR glasses.


With the help of the animations over real-world images on smartphones, users get guidance about the product and its services more understandable form and very quickly.

Industries deploying Augmented Reality CMS

Augmented reality in Content Management System providing various industries with the possibility to easily add digital content to print products. Therefore, 3D printed articles can be level-up with videos, picture galleries and links to further online AR content. This helps the businesses to offer additional access to the online presence of the publication and advertisement.

Benefits of AR in the content management system

The industries that can exploit the benefits of AR in the content management system are below.

  • AR marketing
  • AR Retail
  • AR Architecture
  • AR Shopping
  • AR tours


With the usage of Augmented Reality, it is possible to easily update printed information, manage campaigns and control the runtime of your brand advertisement. Hence, the integrated AR feature enables the industry to augment print statement directly in a user-friendly and fast way.

Augmented Reality authorises you to add videos, animations, music and a wide range of interactive buttons to your print media.

Business Perspective

With the launch of AR content in the market steadily on all Augmented Reality platforms, marketing agencies are finding a way to measure and analyse customer behaviour. With the formation of a large amount of AR content, there are more and more ways to view VR content than ever before. Augmented Reality in Content Management System is taking the marketing strategies to the next level and are providing services in 360/AR stories.



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