How Artificial Intelligence is defining our future

From smartphones  to chatbots, artificial intelligence is playing important and significant part in our digital lives. The recent advancements in AI surely clear one thing that this massively powerful tool comes with a great deal of responsibility.

Any country being “smarter”, “richer” and “healthier” totally depends on the importance they give to AI. Currently the scenario is, from our social media accounts to our browsing pages everything is consisted with AI. AI has passed a long journey and now reached at a significant place and helping human in every possible way. AI is smarter way to analyses the condition on some behaviours pattern. 

Alexa, Siri, Google assistance are few examples. They give us a feel of like nest human to us. They are so smartly programmed that they know our every next action and behaviours pattern.

Let’s discuss in detailed about how AI will define our future:

Precision Medicine

Why same medicine for same disease for every patient?

Why “one fits for all” approach. AI provides a new platform for doctors to prescribed better medicine after diagnosed the patient’s genes, lifestyle and habits. Answers are already there in the large amount of data of patients and medicine. AI will handle that data and make better, accurate decisions on the basis of data according to the patient.

Cyber Security

AI-based cyber security solutions in the market are more dedicated and can seize the attacks in the pre-execution state by identifying patterns and inconsistency attached with malicious content. Secureworks uses the predictive capacity of AI for unmasking the threat detection on a global scale, in advance. SiftScience, Cylance, and Deep Instinct are using it for fraud prevention and for endpoint security, like smartphones and laptops. AI technologies will dramatically expand the scope and scale of security professionals and allow them to detect threats hopefully well before they actually attack.

Precision Farming

The global population is expected to increase significantly over the coming time, but our capacity for food production will struggle to keep pace. AI is piloting efficiency in our current farming methods to increase the food production and reduce the residual wastage without affecting the environment negatively.

Companion for elder people

AI is capable enough to work as companion for elderly people to help to do their daily chores. AI tools will help old/disable people to keep nutritious food available, safely reach objects on high shelves, and monitor movement in a senior’s home. Many tools encapsulated AI help them to maintain their surroundings, keep windows clean and even help them with bathing and other dependent works.

Create New Services

Artificial Intelligence will improve our ability of solving problems and generate new ideas. In the coming ten years, AI and robotics will be completely integrated in the business operations and will have a great impact on organisations efficiency. There will be new products and service based on AI created for new markets and customers. This won’t be a right term to say that, Artificial Intelligence may eliminate certain jobs, which will become automated, rather it will open new source of employment.  But its excess usage would also raise issues and debates about its integration in every field.  

In future, AI will contribute a lot in every field . Don’t be a conservative soul who worries about risks involved in the application of AI technology. Because I think it is groundless, because training a machine is similar to educate a child; if you teach him well, for example what is wrong and what is right, he will grow and become a productive member of the society who cares about people and future as a human being. I want to end this article, we should use technology with responsibility, we should be well aware about our moral duties.

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