Impact of Augmented Reality on Mobile App development

We have already discussed a lot about augmented reality, its role in various fields, how it is affecting market growth and how it will help the companies to acquire the market space.  This article is about the augmented reality technology impact on mobile app development.

The hybrid world created by Augmented Reality, artificial elements are introduced to the user’s physical environment that enhance the user’s perception of reality. Over the time, Augmented Reality  has been widely used by application developers as well as users.

Game Development

Augmented reality is changing the game when it comes to devices, wearable, mobile app development and the presentation of information as a whole in our virtual world. More dependable and easier to design, augmented reality is the ideal combination of what we see and what we want to see. Keep an eye out for new developments in Augmented Reality; the digital age is much closer than you’d think.

With the success of Pokemon Go!, Thousands of games have been created using Augmented Reality  technology, and it’s no surprise that the gaming world and Augmented Reality get on like a house on fire. Augmented reality has stirred up a revolution in the worlds of gaming and mobile app creation, and our mobile phones will never be the same.

Types of Augmented Reality 

(Based upon interaction):

  • Marker-Based Augmented Reality
  • Marker-less Augmented Reality
  • Projection Augmented Reality
  • Superimposition Based Augmented Reality
Augmented Reality App Services with AppKnock


Apple Augmented Reality Kit


Apple Augmented Reality kit helps developers to work on Augmented Reality apps in order to integrate digital experiences in the physical business world. The applications work perfectly with iOS 11. This led many businesses to opt out for augmented reality app development in coming years.  With the introduction of Apple Augmented Reality Kit, Apple bets on the future of Augmented Reality that will surely impact many businesses in near future. The Augmented Reality kit was presented at the Apple developer’s conference in 2017.


Metaio: It is the most popular and used augmented reality software available. It includes many tools which assist in the augmented mobile app development. It is designed to rule in four sectors namely augmented reality printing, industry, marketing an automobile. Many top notch companies like Audi, Mitsubishi has used metaio for their Augmented Reality based apps.


Layar: It is the most easy augmented reality software available in the market with its associations with Reebok etc. It is not the best in the market but it is quite easy to use making it one of the popular tools around. It is specifically used in developing marketing apps and education apps.


Vuforia: This is again a great tool powered by Qualcomm company which can be used to develop any kind of apps for both platforms i.e. android and iOS and it helps in complete Augmented Reality  app development.


Total Immersion: It is one of the best tools which can be used to develop any kind of Augmented Reality  app development. However, it specializes in displaying furniture in 3D mode to generate more sales and ROI and which further helps customer to make better decisions with their choices.


In the development of the augmented reality apps, the parameter which really matters is the convenience i.e. the app must be easier to use for the users. The app must not be complicated because if the users find it difficult to use the app, they will uninstall the app and will install another app.

If you desire to take your business at whole new level, our team at Appknock will hold your hand and design Augmented Reality based strategy for your product. It will provide you better consumer engagement and high sales. AppKnock is best Augmented reality and Virtual reality apps development in Singapore. Feel free to contact us.

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