Right Ways to Promote Your Mobile Game through Effective Marketing Tactics

­Mobile gaming has become one of the most potential and revenue generating industries in the market. A sudden shift towards mobile phones and the introduction of technologies such as VR and AR has given game publishers the opportunity to utilize the platform and turn their gaming ideas into reality.

Ease of use, convenient, and more affordable are some of the reasons why users prefer mobile phones for gaming. Of course, having a fully-functional X-box can deliver exceptional gaming experience but one cannot carry an X-box everywhere.

This is why mobile phones are dominating the gaming industry. In fact, the overall gaming revenue for mobile gaming is expected to surpass the $70 Billion benchmark by 2020. It means that if you have a mobile gaming idea, this is the time to hire a top mobile game development company and turn your gaming idea into reality.

However, it is worth noting that simply developing a mobile game is not the only solution to turn your game into a revenue-generating machine. To do this, it is imperative to implement the right marketing strategies and promote your game so that it reaches the target audience.

So, in this blog post, we are going to share a list of effective marketing tactics so that you can promote your mobile game and attract customers.

Start With a Trailer Launch

EA sports, one of the biggest gaming publishers, recently launched the trailer of their brand new game FIFA 20. Now, if a company like EA sports is putting in efforts to release a trailer of the game, how can you afford to skip trailer release.

The truth is releasing trailer prior to the launch is one of the most effective marketing strategies to promote your game. In fact, the majority of game publishers alure new customers through their trailer itself.

You should never skip the trailer as it will reduce your chances to attract the target customers. It is also a good practice to release 2-3 trailers so that you can make the players curious about the game.

Add engaging elements to the trailer and show some of the key features of the game. For instance, if you are going to launch a Battle Royale game, you can show a couple of weapons, maps, and characters in the trailers.

This will build a curiosity factor in players and they will be eagerly waiting for the game launch. This way you’ll have dozens of players even before launching the game.

So, make sure to create a trailer for your mobile game and share it across different platforms on the Internet including social media and mobile game forums.

Press Release

Once your trailer is up and ready, it is time to move towards the press release. Though you’ll need to invest money in the press release, it can put your game in front of a large group of audience. This is quite beneficial, especially if you have something unique to talk about your game.

While many people think organizing a press release is a hectic task, that’s not true at all. In fact, investing your time and money in a press release will make it easier to attract players from different corners of the world, making your game a hit globally.

You can simply look for a Press Release firm and pick a package as per your requirements. The expensive the package is, more awareness it will create about your game. So, make sure to pick a PR package wisely.

Once you have finalized a date for the PR, got to your social media profiles and share the news with your audience.

Use Social Media

Speaking of social media, it is a great platform to promote your game. In fact, if you are on a tight budget for marketing and don’t want to spend on the press release, sticking to your social media accounts can prove to be extremely beneficial.

The truth is using social media is a free marketing strategy. Unlike paid marketing or PR, you don’t need to spend thousands of dollars while promoting your game on social media. This can prove to be extremely beneficial for Indie game developers.

Create a dedicated social media page for your game and increase the number of followers to it. Once it has a significant number of followers, share news regarding your game. It is also a good practice to share small clips from the game on a daily basis.

There are millions of active social media users and if you utilize it precisely, you can easily promote your game in front of the right audience.

Organize Contest

Organizing contests is only beneficial if you have a considerable social presence. This is an effective way to grab the attention of players and encourage them to try their hands on your game.

Organizing a contest is an extremely simple process. You can do anything. For instance, ask the users to comment on what they like about mobile gaming and randomly pick 5-6 winners.

Once you have a list of the winners, provide them with free in-game items such as weapons, cars, new characters, or powers. This is one of the most effective marketing tactics to attract players to your mobile game.

Perform ASO

ASO stands for app store optimization. It is a technique to optimize your game on the play store so that every time a user search using a related keyword, your game appears at the top.

Performing App Store Optimization involves everything, starting from picking the right title to writing a descriptive game description. You can also infuse the target keywords into your description.

If you manage to increase the number of organic downloads to your game, you can easily attract millions of users. So, make sure that you have performed ASO before listing your game on Google Play Store.

Get Customer Reviews

Do you know how the majority of customers decide whether they want to download a game or not? The answer is by going through the reviews of existing customers. It is important to encourage your existing customers to leave reviews on the App Store.

If you can manage to get customer reviews, it will become fairly easy to attract new players. Moreover, when people leave reviews about your game, it becomes easier to understand whether people are liking your game or not.

In case you are receiving negative reviews for your game, it is worth tweaking the game so that it doesn’t have any flaws. Keep in mind that customer feedback helps you improve the game. So, make sure that you have enough reviews about your game.

Wrapping Things Up

Like we mentioned earlier, mobile gaming is one of the highly competitive industries in the market. If you want to attract players and make your mobile game a well-renown brand in the market, it is important to implement the essential marketing strategies and promote your game. The above-mentioned tactics will help you grab the user’s attention and attract new players to your game.

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