The Biggest Augmented Reality vs Virtual Reality Trends in 2019

Want to know what augmented and virtual reality will bring in coming future, this article will help you understand and feed your brain with augmented and virtual reality trends of 2019.


Augmented and virtual reality technologies has been going to be used at more commercial and wider levels. Many AR applications will be consumer-facing and many more will be designed as internal business tools to upgrade process productivity, security and will enhance the usefulness of existing desktop and mob apps.

Lets take a dive in the future:  

Advanced Control Virtual Reality

Consumers will enjoy more advance part of Virtual reality headsets. virtual reality users enjoy the simulated reality when their hands immersed in virtual reality technology. This simulation is due to motion sensor technology. Many big giants of market are using military grade motion trackers that track hand motions and even finger motions to 1/10th of a degree.

Inside- Out Tracking

As far now, the current virtual reality systems required an external camera and trackers for sitting scale and room scale virtual reality experiences. With inside-out tracking advancement the new goggles and systems have the on themselves that look out to keep your position.

It brings huge change on virtual reality tech in 2019. IT would be new advancement, a step ahead in virtual reality hardware. Inside- out tracking will results that people can move around in space and access the six degrees of freedom in virtual reality trends.

Virtual reality Headsets

8K virtual reality headsets offer dual 4K resolution display for each eye. Consisted with 16 million pixels, these headsets offer six times the resolution of current virtual reality headsets. Even few advanced headsets also provide eye tracking and full position tracking for a more real experience in the virtual world.


Virtual reality accessories

Virtual reality motion chair are in the market and they are giving whole new experience by incorporating a full 360 degree motion. Virtual reality motion chairs are best to replace flight simulations and theme-park simulators. In future, there will be brighter with omni-directional treadmills being developed. These treadmills are the first stage to a leading-edge technology where user can freely roam in the real world and experience the simulation without moving from your place.

Future trends in Augmented Reality

Advanced Wearable

Depth of field and 3-dimensional audio experience are becoming a more intricate part of AR and making a fully standalone device that is unbound. The video resolution and colour quality are improving firmly. A goal for this year is to make AR run faster as it works with real-time data and with an aim for very low power consumption.

Drive Holographs

Currently holographic navigation system for cars has been used. With advanced augmented reality interface supports clear directions and a plenty of helpful information designed to take you to your destinations quickly and safely. To achieve this solution drivers don’t need to wear any special eye wear or headgear for Augmented reality visuals. Information will directly show on the windshield of the car.

Augmented Reality Hololens

Augmented Reality based Hololens is a self-contained holographic computer that allows user to view and interact with digital content that it projects onto the world around you. With the use of special sensors, advanced optics, and a holographic processor; it totally changed the perspective the way we work, play, share and learn.

The basic advancements in augmented reality and virtual reality in 2019 Iris detection is a good direction to work on this year. With augmented reality and virtual reality sets having no particular keyboard to log in, the users can then log into their preferences by iris detection technology. All the big companies are putting hard effort to minimise the screen door effect of augmented reality and virtual reality sets, as screen door effect always irritates the user.

The augmented reality and augmented reality app development trends will amaze us all. All the augmented and virtual reality projects can only begin with the development of  a mobile app and that is the first step to change your dream into reality.


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