What are the Challenges Faced by Augmented Reality App Developers

Augmented Reality has covered a long journey since it was first introduced. The technology that once seemed too futuristic has now become a reality and is being adopted by different industries.

Even the app development market has understood the potential benefits of Augmented Reality and that’s why we ended up witnessing a sudden increase in the demand for AR mobile apps.

After watching the tremendous success of several AR-based mobile apps like Pokemon Go and IKEA Furniture, many business owners have started to invest in AR development by hiring the best Augmented Reality application development company in India.

However, it is also important to understand the challenges that you are most likely to face in AR application development. Since the technology is still in its evolving stage, there are a lot of things that need to be changed.

That’s why we have written down a list of all the potential challenges that are being faced by AR app developers. So, if you have been planning to develop an AR-based mobile app, make sure to take a look at these challenges as it’ll help you in the long run.

Now, without any further ado, let’s start the list.

Limited Hardware Capabilities

As of now, the biggest challenge to deliver the best AR experience is the limited capabilities of the hardware. It is important to understand that the majority of people use a budget smartphone that doesn’t come with all the essential sensors.

And, even if they do, most of these sensors don’t work accurately. For instance, in many smartphones, the accelerometer doesn’t work properly. Moreover, the smartphone camera is only capable of rendering 2D images and can’t render 3D images.

As a result, it becomes strenuous for the developers to deliver the desired visual experience to the users. However, the good news is companies are investing in designing budget smartphones with advanced hardware capabilities.

Software Issues

Not only hardware, but AR app development is also restricted by several software issues. Even though AR development kits offer advanced functionalities, the current application architecture does not allow integration of functions like social media & third-party browsers.

Moreover, with AR development, multi-user functionality is still a dream. Of course, AR is capable of delivering an exceptional experience to a single user, it has several limitations when it comes to providing multi-user functionality.

Poor User Experience

Unfortunately, sci-fi movies have shown Augmented Reality as such advanced technology that no matter how good a particular app is, the users end up hating it. And, since Augmented Reality (AR) doesn’t involve a complete virtual experience like Virtual Reality (VR), the users may not like it as much as they’ll like a VR-based mobile app.

Security & Privacy Issues with Augmented Reality

While as surprising as it may sound, Augmented Reality also has several issues related to customer’s security and privacy. The Augmented Reality environment doesn’t require permission from the user himself. As a result, it can be used to perform malicious activities.

Possibility of Physical Form

Do you remember the time when Pokemon Go ended up in the news for being the game that killed people? The game engaged people so much that they lost the sense of the surroundings and met several physical accidents. Some people even lost their lives.

Well, that’s still one of the major concerns of developing an AR-based mobile app. For instance, the majority of automobile manufacturers still don’t prefer integrating AR displays because they consider them to be a major distraction, which can further lead to fateful accidents.

Ethical and Legal Issues with Augmented Reality

Again we would like to pinpoint Pokemon GO’s one case where people ended up walking into government premises without realizing it. This is one of the major concerns with Augmented Reality application development that people even forget what’s their current location.

AR-based maps are one of the examples of such a scenario. Of course, they offer interactive navigation to the customers, but people often forget they are in the real world and end up walking into running traffic, which leads to several road accidents.

Augmented Reality Development Challenges-Final Words

These are a few of the challenges being faced by AR app developers. Although the technology is capable of transforming the way we interact with mobile apps, it also has several risks that can affect the user’s life. This is why it is extremely important to precisely utilize technology and not use it abruptly.

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