Why these industries welcome Virtual Reality with Open Arms

Virtual Reality will soon going to the part of our lives and very soon revolutionise the many business sectors. Many sectors will use virtual reality as a new tool to connect with their customers and build relationships. Many companies has already tasted the its success resulting that virtual reality now being on the edge of mass consumption. Ocolus rift has proved the potential of virtual reality technology.

Why Virtual Reality tech is future essential?

  • Bringing world to the comfort of your customer. 3D visuals help a lot to show customers what your product is all about.
  • Bringing new opportunity to customers to actually try out the things before buying.
  • How about telling your customers through videos about your every update and sale.

Industries going to use Virtual Reality tech immensely and how?

Marketing Industry

Give it a thought about, how it would be to try a shirt and see the virtual reality shop assistant suggesting your exact size, and getting it delivered to you the next day. It’s like the garment’s designed for you alone.  The immersion technology will takes you off and you could experience a whole lot of products customized only for us.


Virtual reality technology helps the modern manufacturers to design and simulate production-line processes in a virtual environment and helps them to identify production faults, design-related errors and weak areas before the damage or loss takes place. This is one of the finest implementation when it comes to saving capital costs and decreasing waste because issues can be easily fixed in the development stage. This could be an investment but it saves them from huge loss after manufacturing which is not recoverable.

Field Service and Training

Virtual Reality technology has showed the skills gap in field service and training and helping the organisations to focus better on training new field technicians in real time. The skilful and capable engineers/technicians can have an immersive environment where highly visual and practical training can be imparted in a simulated 3D environment. Such real scenario virtual Reality-based field training will also help new joiners in better way to understand how to handle complex tasks on-site.

Entertainment Industry

Entertainment is the important part of life which work as stress buster also. The entertainment industry is taking virtual reality far more seriously than expected earlier. As per LA times, HBO and Discovery Communications announced Tuesday a $300 million investment in a 3D graphics startup called OTOY. Consumer usage of  virtual reality tech is still in its beginning, but entertainment companies’ investing in virtual reality tech proves that media companies are taking it very seriously.

Virtual Reality  tech creates deep and immersive experiences that bring the user into the story, which creates a big platform for entertainment companies to appeal to consumers in novel ways.

Content Creation and Development

Many new devices like Nokia OZO the new 360 degree camera, helps the content developers to make more interesting and new content for online viewers which actually takes there viewers in to the view , results in better viewing and user can actually feel the part of video. It gives better platform to Content creators to create more engaged content.

Medical Industry

Many healthcare organisations are welcome the virtual reality to help budding surgeons to learn, how to perform difficult surgeries quickly by eliminating potential human errors. The virtual reality applications integrated with surgical simulators as well as virtual anatomy are useful in training a large number of surgeons and other medical professionals in a high-definition 3D training environment. Virtual reality would be helpful in training surgeons to perform the entire surgical operation and understand real-life complexities in a virtual environment.

Education Industry

Currently as lot of new methods are implemented in classroom teaching, the amalgamation of virtual reality and practical training is the best method of teaching. The chemical labs, a virtual reality app not only delivers extensive training on real lab procedures in an interactive environment, but it also eliminates the risks that are associated with chemistry labs. Therefore, virtual reality enables students to learn the experimental procedures in the virtual chemistry laboratory before carrying out real-world chemical experiments.

These are just glimpse of virtual reality implementation in various fields. So fold the arms of shirt and start thinking to get design your virtual reality based app.

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